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Equipment Financing

Strategic Advisory specialises in creating bespoke solutions for clients. Our financial resources, industry expertise and experience have helped us to maintain long-term, established relationships with leading equipment manufacturers, vendors, service and maintenance engineers, fit-out specialists and other service providers. As your partner, we will work closely with you to develop a custom equipment financing program to enhance your company’s competitiveness and ensure you are at the forefront of your industry.

Financing generates multiple sales opportunities and provides a platform for lower cost asset ownership – providing you with more product for less money.

Benefits of Equipment Financing:

  • No disclosure of the assets on the balance sheet (operating and finance leases)
  • Possible reduction of fixed assets by way of sale and leaseback
  • No extraordinary depreciation when changing to new technologies
  • Take advantage of price and functionality improvements faster
  • Optimisation of tax position
  • Flexible payment structures with low monthly payments
  • Avoid large capital expenditures and arduous approval cycles
  • Fixed rentals during the entire contract term
  • Easy to budget for payments
  • Retain equity for investment in core business
  • Enhance cash flow


    Acquiring the right equipment at the right time to manage your business can be challenging. Lease financing provides a means to overcome the many drawbacks of equipment ownership. Using a consultative approach, we will assist you in evaluating your business requirements, technology investments, and obsolescence risks to assess whether a leasing arrangement is appropriate to your individual circumstances.

    Leasing provides a simple solution for asset management

    Once you decide on the assets that meet your requirements, you have the flexibility to order the equipment of your choice or have us obtain it for you. We then provide well-orchestrated lease administration, transaction/vendor payment processing, and equipment monitoring. This alleviates your organisation of time-consuming back office administration. Your lease can be structured with the optimal term and payment frequency to satisfy your budget and meet your company’s own unique business requirements.

    When lease payments are fixed over the term of the lease, budgeting is more predictable and easier to manage. Leasing provides one of the most manageable and economical ways of keeping up with technological changes. Unlike cash purchases, leasing enables you to maintain a competitive position with the latest technology because you have the flexibility to easily add or upgrade equipment during the lease. You can be more responsive to an evolving business climate by using the latest technology and matching equipment capacity to your needs.

    A cost-effective solution, leasing can provide you with the flexibility to progress your business along with saving you time and money

    Leasing enables you to finance 100% of the total technology solution as you can combine equipment, software, services, and associated costs into the lease. Unlike capital acquisitions, lease financing can eliminate the need for lengthy internal budget requests and allow working capital to be used for other purposes.

    Lease financing provides an alternative financing source that enables you to acquire equipment without tying up other valuable credit lines. Lease payments are often paid with dollars generated by the utilisation of leased equipment. While subject to regulatory guidelines, lease payments may be tax deductible. A consultation with your accountant will determine the applicability and nature of tax deductions for each circumstance.


    Equipment Financing and Leasing

    Strategic Advisory